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Meet the Team

John Pye

I am passionate about taking the knowledge and experience that the very best has to offer and making it accessible to as many people as possible. Whether this is class creation, bespoke programming, introducing the latest testing technology, coaching coaches, building gyms, exploring the latest hacks, building apps or personally training. I'm obsessed with finding ways of creating and optimising action and therefore maximising results. I'm very solution focused.

I am fascinated by not just exercise, nutrition and the mind but also how they all interact with one another. It's understanding interaction and being able to integrate into someone's lifestyle that is the key to success.

There is no greater fulfilment for me than helping people exceed their goals and discover improvements that they were not even initially looking for.

I love hitting short-term goals as these lead to the ultimate goal of improving everyone's health span. A long, healthy, high quality and enjoyable life.

"I’m slimmer, more energetic, focused and feel calmer overall. I am in better physical shape than I was 20 years ago, I’m pulling my belt in 2 more holes as all my trousers are falling off me!"
Samantha Cooper

I have been in the industry for coming up to five years and it is my mission is to inspire and empower women to discover their true strength.

I am passionate about supporting women to feel their very best in every stage of life - this is why I am always looking to improve my knowledge and have completed specialist pre and post-natal, and menopause courses.

I love helping women navigate through all of the fad diets and helping them to improve their health & fitness - and most importantly to feel better about themselves. I know from experience that hitting a PB in the gym feels a million times more satisfying than reaching an arbitrary number on the scales. There are so many benefits to training outside of weight loss and the societal pressure on women to make themselves smaller - when this starts to click for clients in genuinely makes my day.

I have regular PT sessions with Sam, which have been amazing, seen changes physically & in my lifestyle with advice on nutrition and programme setting between sessions.
Stephen Wium

I have been in the personal training industry for 2 years now, and have been involved in the fitness industry since the end of 2017 as a competitive powerlifter.

I'm passionate about powerlifting. I've been competing since the age of 17, have broken 12 South African records in 3 different age and weight classes, have coached athletes to breaking national records themselves, and will be representing the UK at the European championship and world championship. (2023).

I'd give the generic "I love helping people reach their fitness goals, that's why I'm a PT" answer, but that would be a lie. Yes, I absolutely love to hear that a client has lost some weight, has run a distance in a faster time, or has hit a new PB. But I just as much love hearing that they have now consistently managed to get 7 hours of sleep, or have got that job that they have been aiming for. Those successes have a ripple-effect: More sleep= more energy; more energy = better training sessions; better training sessions = more weight loss/a faster run/a new PB; a new gym success means new confidence; and that new confidence means they get that job. Improvement generates improvement, and THAT'S what I love about being a PT.

“If you are looking to SMASH your goals, Stephen is your man. Incorporating more weights into my routine has helped me feel more confident, clothes fit better and best of all, I love his sessions.
Dom Steggall
Annamaria Kadar

Certified in Personal Training, specialised in Mat and Reformer Pilates, Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness, with ongoing education as a Fascia Trainer and member of the Fascia Training Academy. With over a decade of experience my passion is to guide people to achieve their fitness/ wellness goals and become the best version of themselves physically and mentally.

"I now feel that my core strength has improved along with balance and posture. 100% recommend Anna Maria's classes."
Eileen Emmerich
" Eileen is absolutely brilliant. She is so engaging and friendly and her classes have made a huge difference to my health."
Phyl Hyland

Phyl is an experienced and knowledgeable yoga and wellness instructor, passionate about sharing her love of the discipline. Expect to be challenged in her workouts and slow through the movement dynamically with a strong steady breath

"She is excellent teacher who makes time to help re-position everyone in the call. I always leave Phyl's class feeling rejuvenated and calm, highly recommend."
Sandra Masters

I have a passion for group fitness classes and PT with over 40 years experience. My classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels (designed to burn calories, improve cardio, endurance strength, tone and flexibility). I have developed my own classes by incorporating all my acquired qualifications and experience. I add the fun to the effectiveness Pilates using the muscle building power of the core to work the whole body! "Muscle knows no age"...come and join us for fitness with fun!

“Sandra's Step n' Tone and Step classes are great fun. The moves are simple yet effective. I never thought I would say this about the fitness class, but I actually look forward to her classes each week. ”


  • “I’m slimmer, more energetic, focused”

    I took the plunge and it’s been amazing, changing my fitness regime, had amazing results, I’m slimmer, more energetic, focused and feel calmer.

    John Gibson

  • “I am happier and healthier”

    I have seen huge improvements in my health and wellbeing. I genuinely look forward to attending classes. The team are extremely friendly and supportive and whether i am doing a yoga class or one of Sam's epic Ride n lift classes I know I'll leave feeling better than ever.

    Tamara Wark

  • “Great equipment, amazing classes”

    It might be a small gym but it’s mighty in what it offers! Great equipment, amazing classes that challenge you & are so varied that you don’t get bored or complacent.

    Claire Powder

  • “Best gym I’ve been a member of”

    Fitness Space in Ascot is hands down the best gym I’ve been a member of. All the trainers are super approachable, friendly and professional - always there to help and a great team who clearly love what they do too.

    Abbie Dolton

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