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Metabolic Makeover – 12 Week Challenge

About the makeover

Welcome to your journey towards a healthier, more energised you!

12-week Challenge, Launching 1st April.

Embrace a data-driven approach to sustainable transformations just in time for summer.
Our 12-week 1-1 coaching programme combined with pre & post metabolic testing is designed to guide you through a personalised and effective fitness experience.

Say goodbye to generic plans and hello to a tailored approach that considers your unique needs.
Get ready to achieve your goals and unveil the best version of yourself.

Summer awaits, and so does your transformation!

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What You'll Get!

  • Gold Standard Metabolic Testing

    We use the remarkable PNOE device to measure metabolism and performance. Understanding these values and limitations helps guide specific and individualised training & nutrition recommendations to help you fuel your body for training and peak performance, as well as for reaching your health and body composition goals.

  • Bespoke Training & Nutrition Plans

    Experience the power of personalised and systematic plans. Tailored specifically to your goals and preferences, these bespoke plans optimise efficiency, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable path to your health and fitness aspirations.

  • 1-1 Accountability Coaching

    1-1 accountability coaching propels your success. Stay focused on goals with consistent support, motivation, and guidance. Achieve sustainable progress as we hold you accountable, turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

  • Private Community Group

    Access to our private community group for a supportive space where members share insights, motivation, and successes. create connections, gain inspiration, and enjoy a collective journey toward shared health and wellness goals.

  • 6 Part Workshop Series

    Expand your knowledge and skillset through our interactive workshops. Aimed at giving you the tools you need to make lasting results.

  • Long Lasting Results

    Follow our lead and we will eliminate the guesswork and guarantee a transformative experience leaving no room for any more yo-yo diets and training fads

Meet Your Coach
Dom Steggall

I have been fortunate to work with a diverse range of clientele. From athletes who have gone on to represent their country with an abundance of time and resources, to time poor entrepreneurs and business leaders. In both scenarios, one thing remains constant:

The Fundamentals NEVER Change.

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Life shifting, game changing, success enabling experience

This has been a life shifting, game changing, success enabling experience for me. I cannot - CANNOT recommend speaking to the team at Fitness Space Ascot enough if you have aspirations to shift a few pounds, get healthier and enjoy exercise more.
A 41lb drop in 36 weeks is all the proof you need from me.

Cameron Lloyd
Owner/ Director at Bastion Architecture and Interior

"I now know so much more about my body"

PNOE gave me an incredible insight into my health and fitness. I now know so much more about my body, how it works and how to optimise not only my workouts but my lifestyle. It's like a secret hack to my health.

Tamara Wark

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